The IPO Test (versatility test for working dogs) consists of three different parts.

  • Part A: Tracking
  • Part B: Obedience
  • Part C:  Defence


Part A: Tracking
Your dog is required to track footsteps over mixed terrain, change directions. Furthermore the dog must find dropped articles and indicate their locations to the handler.

Part B: Obedience
During this section the dog has to show heeling, both on and off lead. The sit, down and stand commands are also done.

Part C: Defence
This final test is the most misunderstood by the general public. This is protection. The dog must never bite the trial helper unless either the dog or the handler is attacked. Then it must attack fully and without hesitation. But here the real difference becomes apparent. The dog must stop biting on the command of the handler and guard the trial helper without further aggression. Often people confuse protection training with police dog or personal protection work. The IPO dog is capable of the feats of never being aggressive except under those specific situations it is trained to face, and even then it must always be under absolute control of the handler.

Above parts can be done as IPO I, IPO II and IPO III.

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