"Problem dogs are not born, they are made!"

dogge couch

  • Your dog does what he wants?
  • Is he insecure or anxious?
  • Does he like hunting? Also jogger and bycicle riders?
  • He won't hear you or ignore you?
  • Does he defend his food, toys or his territory?
  • Is he aggressive with other dogs, men or even with you? Will he bite you?
  • Does he determine who may come into your appartment?

Now it is time to act!

Appeal to us, we will support you with a consequent training and help you with the necessary assistance and advice.

What will we do?

  • We will not only talk, we will do something.
  • We will correct your attitude.
  • We will correct your dog's attitude.
  • We will work at the cause not at the symptom.

If necessary the training will be configured on a single training basis and leads to a group training at the end.

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