"Problem dogs are not born, they are made!"

dogge couch

  • Your dog does what he wants?
  • Is he insecure or anxious?
  • Does he like hunting? Also jogger and bycicle riders?
  • He won't hear you or ignore you?
  • Does he defend his food, toys or his territory?
  • Is he aggressive with other dogs, men or even with you? Will he bite you?
  • Does he determine who may come into your appartment?

Now it is time to act!

Appeal to us, we will support you with a consequent training and help you with the necessary assistance and advice.

What will we do?

  • We will not only talk, we will do something.
  • We will correct your attitude.
  • We will correct your dog's attitude.
  • We will work at the cause not at the symptom.

If necessary the training will be configured on a single training basis and leads to a group training at the end.

The development of a puppy in the first 16 weeks is determining for further development, positive and negative experiences will be memorized.

A distinction is made between

  • impression stage - up to the 7th week
  • socialization stage - about up to the 12th week
  • hierarchy stage - about up to the 16th week


  • The dog should be at least ten to twelve weeks old.
  • There must be a existing dog liability insurance available.
  • The dog must have all his shots.

All dog owners are permitted to participate at the test, if they can proof that they have already successfully performed the special written knowledge test. You will get further information by your trainers.

With the agility training you keep your dog and yourself in a good and healthy condition. The dog is trained to jump over obstacles, run through dark plastic tunnels and doing a slalom.

Visit us and ask for this training, you will be surprised how much fun we can offer you.

This new sport type can be compared with the horse dressage. The perfect interacting of dog and owner is the target. The dog is always trained with motivation and can be recommended to everyone who is interested in a wide range of sport possibilities. Basically this sport can be learned by any dog, independent from size, age or breed. All test are categorized in four different level of difficulties:

What do you and your young dog learn?

  • walking with you
  • different types of walking (fast, slow etc.)
  • training for sitting and lying down
  • training in groups
  • individual training
  • training for everyday situations (visit at the vet etc.)
  • special training for special problems

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