simone trummerVice President and Secretary: Simone Luber

Simone Luber grew up with a Bernes mountain dog. This was the beginning of her love with huge dogs. In 2011 her dreams came through when she got her Great Dane Loui who was her second dog after her Boxer-Golden Retriever Mix Sophie. Unfortunately Loui died after one year due to an accident. 

According to her theme „once a Great Dane, always a Great Dane“ her dog Lenny moved in, and is now trained by Simone. In July 2013 Simone came to our dogs club just to see what there is going on. This „just to see“ resulted in a membership. 

Now Lenny is trained for the compagnion test and Simone herself is a new aspirant for our Schutzdienst. 


Training director: Mona Riederer

In June 2010 Mona attended the first time our puppies hour with her small mongrel Paula. The realization that humans and animals learn best if they have fun together was demonstrated from both during their trainings. Shortly afterwards Mona joined the club and soon took over the public relations work of our club.

Mona passed the companion test with Paula in autumn 2011. Soon after, she received her trainer certificates for puppies, basic training and working dog sector.


Treasurer: Ottmar Völknervoelkner ottmar

Ottmar Völkner was certain, it has to be a Boxer:

because he is straight and short-haired, not too big and also not too small
he is compact and has a fine character
he is intelligent and fancy
he is obedient and no friend from bickering and barking
he is no toy of demimonde and no fashion thing
but always an imposing protection.
He is incorrupt, full power and courage but nice with children
He is thankful and faithful till the last hour and that's why a boxer is his dog.

Ottmar joined our club in 2011 after he took part at the puppies hours with his boxer Ginette.

His hobbyhorse is also the VPG/IPO sector.


Assessor: Brigitte HämmerleinBrigitte Hämmerlein

Brigitte is a member of our dog club since 1999. In April 2002 she and her older dog Rica passed their team-test. In September 2002 she and Rica made the 2nd place in the dog hurdle race that was presented by our club.

Brigitte is our good soul!

In June 1953 the dog club "Hundefreunde Pegnitz und Umgebung e.V" was founded with the target to enable all dog owners and their dogs a basic education. This situation was very uncommon as during this time only breeding clubs like the german shepherd club or the police run dog education.

Now in this club all dog owners were able to educate their dogs and pass a test with their breed or half-breed dogs.

Due to the increased demand the club decided in 1998 to offer the popular tournament sports. The club is very proud of its success achieved by intensive training and large involvement. As a result of this several dog owner took part at the Bavarian or even at the German Championship. In 2003 Helmut Haberl won the 3rd place at the Bavarian Championship with his dog "Tasso".

Also in 2003 the club celebrated ist 50th anniversary.

In the meantime dog owners can learn from the beginning how to grow up their puppies, since we own a puppy hour. Beginners and oldies are well cared in the basic training and anyone can pass a guide dog exam.

This guide dog exam is often the beginning for further education. You have to possibilities to go on to pass a tracking dog exam or you can train your dog for a working dog exam.

However, the widest range of all is the sector of tournament sports with all its different divisions.

Nevertheless, also dog owners who face problems will find a competent partner within our club. Correct education and instruction is the key for an obedient and reliable friend.

The special concern of our club is to show our neighbours a positive appearance of our dogs. Due to this reason we prepare several demonstrations and information events in schools and kindergardens during the year. Since 2004 we also offer a postman seminar.

In June 2010 we celebrated for the first time – like many other clubs of the VDH too – the day of the dog.

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