The VDH association declared the 6th June 2010 for the first time as "day of the dog".

It asked all its member clubs to offer an activity weekend on 5th and 6th Juni with many information about dogs and their relationship to their owners.

This day should be for you and your dog, but the clubs were also ask to inform the guests about animal protection, health and education. All over Germany there were about 600 participating clubs that were registered at the VDH concerning the day of the dog, amongst all also the Hundefreunde Pegnitz und Umgebung e.V.

Already in 2009 we decided to take part at this event. Actually it is our opinion that every day is a day where the relationship between a dog and its owner is important. However it meant the world to us to show this also to the public.

unser Poster zum Tag des HundesOur day of the dog:

We were showing different activities at the club area between 10.00 to 18.00 o'clock.

Hence we were able to show different sport types of our club:

The puppy hour showed the socialisation that is really important for us. Furthermore obedience, tournament sports, dog dance, dummy work and clicker training were shown.

The day was finished with a working dog demonstration of the german shepherd club in Pegnitz. Three different dogs with different educational training showed their knowledge.

Also the weather joined in, as it was very hot!

Our visitor conclusion:
A very successful event for everyone.

At this point we would like to thank all our members that helped to make this becoming a great day, as well as all visitors.

Last but not least we would like to name our sponsors Fressnapf Pegnitz, Memmel Automobile, Schmetterling Reisen, Lenchens-Shop and the Holzofenbäckerei Eckert.