The VDH (Verband für das deutsche Hundewesen) declared the 4th and 5th June 2011 as day of the dog.

All over Germany dog clubs that belong to the association of the VDH are offering attractions. Also our dogs club took part – as we did last year. We decided to take the 5th June.

unser Poster zum Tag des Hundes 2011Our day of the dog:

From 11 am to 6 pm we were able to show different dog presentations on our training area at Brunnenäcker in Pegnitz.

We started with a common group obedience training to show many sectors of the basic dog education. Here the main topic was to pass other dogs without barking or stirring things up.

We went on with an agility show of the "Fetzigen Hund" located in Regensburg. The visitors were shown a firework of action with different sizes and performance classes. Next to the agility show, the “Fetzigen Hund” presented Dog Frisbee to make clear how many fun you can have with your four-legged friend. Both shows were getting much applause.

The next very interesting program topic was the "pirates of the carribean" show, beginning with a slow group training of dogs tournament sport and concluding with a rapid finale. "Drink up me hearties. Yo Ho"!

The quadrille with four dogs and with music showed the different components of a basic education.

Due to some technical problems, the "Fetzigen Hund" stood in with a dog dance and got us some more time.

Now we were able to show the working dog education with two young dogs. A special attraction was a female dog that has never been trained in this sector. Here we were able to show how to begin.

In order to give our working dog assistant a rest, the basic obedience training was demonstrated. The demonstration ended with compatibility of the dog with other dogs that is a main topic in the beginner class.

Following this, a well educated dog with working dog test III showed complete working dog training.

The highlight of the day was the Pas de Deux, showing two female Malinois dogs that do not get along well with each other, having training together with a final working dog sequence.

In addition to this show, the dummy training was presented. A dummy is a robust canvas bag in different sizes. This dummy is replacement for wild like rabbits, deers etc. and also floats on water. When doing a dummy training you only show the direction in which the dummy is hidden and the dog has to search it quickly and bring it back to you.

We had a lot of interested visitors and were able to give them a generous insight of dog training varieties.

Last but not least we would like to thank all club members and helpers as such a day can not be organized without them. Furthermore we also like to say thank you to the Fetzigen Hund of Regensburg and also to Tina Röhrle with Eros.

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