Our trainer Kerstin Schaub-Illing took part at the basic obedience seminar with her dog Cindy.

Please find the report here.


Day 1: Theory

The "new" sport type Obedience was presented by Ms. Witfeld. Training instructions, the training setup and the basics were discussed.

The different obedience classes can be found here.

Day 2:

All participants came together at the dog training area of Schäferhundefreunde Neuburg/Donau at 8 am. All training steps were explained and showed practically by Sabine. Furthermore we learned a lot of tricks for the training itself.

The sun burned very hot, but had lots of fun during the training that was finished at 5.30 pm with a great dinner.

Day 3:

Again all participants were ready for the last training day at 9 am. Sabine showed the last and hardest obedience class with her Border Collie called Silver. All participants watched Sabine's training but were absolutely motivated to try it with their own dogs a few minutes later.

We were shown retrieving, lay down, sit and many more training sections of obedience. Afterwards our dogs were allowed to take a bath at the Donau creek before going home again.

I absolutely appreciated taking part at this seminar and furthermore I had many people to discuss with.

I am looking forward to train with my dog and many others at our dog club in Pegnitz.